One of PAM Health’s core values in Lifelong Learning. Personally, I am always interested in growing in my personal leadership journey. Recently, I read John C. Maxwell’s book, “The Self-Aware Leader.” You’ve probably heard of him. Maxwell is well known for his books on leadership, having written more than 80 books on the topic. True to form, Maxwell did not disappoint.

As I was reading, it felt especially relevant and timely because we recently launched a leadership training program for all leaders at PAM Health called “Honor to Lead.” We were very intentional about the name, because we wanted something that would capture the privilege and responsibility of being a leader at PAM Health.  I was happy to see that many of the points Maxwell mentions are part of the foundation of our “Honor to Lead” program, including the importance of being self-aware. In fact, as Maxwell states, sometimes the biggest obstacle a leader faces is understanding how to lead themselves – which is where the importance of being self-aware comes in.

We all probably like to think we are self-aware, but how good are any of us really at doing so? It can be a tough thing to do in the fast-paced world of healthcare. You often need to make decisions and take action quickly.  Being self-aware requires slowing down and reflecting on yourself and your actions and how others perceive you. That is not always an easy or pleasant thing to do, but to reach your top potential as a leader, it’s exercises like these that make you better and more effective.

The self-aware leader also takes time to listen to others – to open themselves up to new ideas and creativity.  At PAM Health, I have an open-door policy, and I really mean it. I want my teams to feel free to ask me questions and share ideas with me – regardless of how crazy they might sound.  When I think back to some of the best leaders I have worked with in my career, I have also found that it is vital not to stymie a person’s creative spark and to encourage outside-the-box thinking to be impactful.

Ultimately, being impactful is what all leaders are working toward. It is also another one of PAM Health’s core values – and the one that I feel sums it all up perfectly.  While reading Maxwell’s book did not necessarily teach me anything completely new – it galvanized me in knowing that what I do and how I do it is the right path to be on. As I lead myself, I intentionally act in ways that will have a positive impact and nurture the talent around me, facilitate growth, and keep the positive energy and good ideas flowing. I truly believe it is an honor to lead and hope that as I lead myself, I inspire and encourage others around me to strive to be their best too.


Being Impactful as a Self-Aware Leader
Being Impactful as a Self-Aware Leader
Tony Misitano reviews "The Self-Aware Leader" by John C. Maxwell and relates the concepts contained within to PAM Health's core values.